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About the Washington Invasive Species Education (WISE) Web Site

Washington boasts a diverse array of landscapes - from mountains, to forests, to deserts, to ocean, and a wide variety of plants and animals that call them home. The state's natural bounty also supports Washington's economy, recreation opportunities, and its families. Unfortunately, our land and waters are becoming more and more invaded by plants and animals that have no natural predators or diseases to keep them in check. In a short time, they can replace Washington's native plants and animals and alter - forever - the natural areas that make our state so unique. The protection of Washington's land, waterways, and wildlife along with the significant costs associated with battling invasive species once they become established is the mission of the Washington Invasive Species Council.

The council created the Washington Invasive Species Education, or WISE, Web site to inform people about the invasive species problem, how invasive species are spread and introduced (pathways), and how we all can be part of the solution. By raising awareness of invasive species, we will help prevent their spread and impacts. Let's all Be WISE!

Please visit the council's Web site for more information about who we are and what we do.


Poster about invasive species. Poster for parks about invasive species. Stop the invasion wallet card. Animal invasive species field guide image. Don't move fireword campaign poster.

Documents produced by the Washington Invasive Species Council

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